Scinus Cell Expansion B.V.

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The SCINUS Cell Expansion system is a closed bioreactor system for the controlled cultivation of cells, supporting R&D as well as GMP processes. Combined with either the single-use Adherent or Suspension Bag it provides a scalable system for large-fold expansion.

The temperature-controlled hardware enclosure houses the single-use bags on a unique rocking platform that provides an optimally homogenized culture environment with minimal shear stresses.

The platform enables true scaling in culture volume, thanks to a unique roller/clamp system, allowing culture from minimal to clinically relevant amounts in one system. The system operates stand-alone with a touchscreen interface, and is compatible with industry-standard controller software for process control, monitoring and data acquisition

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Scinus Cell Expansion B.V.

Scinus Cell Expansion B.V.

Prof. Bronkhorstlaan 10-G48
3723 MB Bilthoven
Telefoonnummer: 31 (0)85 050 9300

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